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Affordable Marketing and PR Solutions.

Zakim Bridge in Boston, MA

Services We Offer

Unlike other marketing agencies that group their offerings, you can pick and choose the capabilities you need and pay an individual price for each service.

Media Pitches

Researching the publications that your target audience reads. From there, we write and pitch authors.

Social Media Marketing

Develop a social media marketing strategy. Coming up with engaging ideas, hashtags, captions, etc.


Finding influencers who have audiences related to your target audience.


Finding companies with related audiences and scheduling in-person collaborative events, online giveaways, etc.


Let us help you discover your brand voice, slogans, mottos, colors, etc.

Buyer Personas

Developing a few buyer personas to help you better communicate with your audience.

Picture of Alex O'Neil

About the Founder

Alexandra (Alex) O'Neil graduated from Bentley University with her Bachelor's in Marketing. The bulk of her courseload included Marketing, Public Relations, Experience Design, and Psychology courses. Upon graduation, she realized that all of these aspects were not so dissimilar from one another. So why is it that there are PR, Experience Design, and Marketing agencies working separately for the same company? There is a significant amount of overlap, and having one company mesh the four together will lead to greater coherence in marketing efforts. This idea prompted Alex to start City on the Hill Consultancy, one of the few companies that keeps all efforts consistent. 

"It has been an absolute pleasure working with Alex. She is not only kind and easy to work with but very thorough. She is extremely prompt with communication and any urgent needs. The quality of work has been excellent and she has really helped be affordable for our small business. "

Sara Akhtar, Branding Executive @ Pulse Power Snacks

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